Do you want to be a Fixter?

Academy: Dr. Anselm Ferrer mission

If you are reading this it means that you are interested to join the Fixters Academy. What!? You don't known what's a Fixter? A Fixter is a time guardian, our goal is to fix any past time alteration caused by the Omega time terrorist group that wants to alterate the current flow of our history. At the Academy we train our students in real missions, so don't hesitate to enroll one of our group missions. We need your help to save our present history!

How it works


A escape room is a cooperative game where a group (between 2 to 6 members) have to solve a serie of enigmas before they can exit the room where they are trap.

60 minutes

Nowadays it's only possible to keep open a time tunnel for one hour. You must complete the mission in one hour, otherwise you'll be trapped forever.


The Omega time terrorist group has altered the past to force professor Anselm Ferrer to develop a highly dangerous technology. Your mission is to travel to the past, at his apartment, and recover his lab notebook before it falls into the wrong hands.


You can book clicking the "Reserve" button below. All bookings are only made on-line. If you have any problem, please contact us by mail at or calling to +34644713261. If you want to do a nice gift, you can also purchase one of our gift voucher.


60€ groups from 3 to 6 players.

45€ groups of 2 players.


Carrer Smith 61, Tarragona

Phone: +34644713261